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Fly High Oasis - Art Passport - A Portrait of an Artist:

Tammy Mike Laufer

Tammy Mike Laufer is a contemporary Israeli artist working with 3D digital drawings and video art.

Her art is powerful. It's vibrant, deep, imaginative, abundantly creative and diversified. With openness, curiosity and courage, fundamental elements required for creative explorations, she fuses numerous substances together and creates magnificently striking visuals.

Tammy draws her inspiration from personal, national and global events affecting her life. She is emotionally, spiritually and intellectually generous and during the creative process goes deep within and gives it all. Her work is unique on many levels - sophisticated, structured, balanced, bold and captivating. Every piece is interactive, invites a dialogue.

Art must talk. If it fails to communicate, it's not art and Tammy understands this concept well. She is a great communicator. In her humble, gentle way, she let others travel through her visions and discover the treasures she skillfully concealed for them. By conveying feelings and ideas, turning them into vivid symbols, she shares her aspirations, offering each spectator freedom of choice. Everyone can take as much as they wish and the silent dialog between artist and spectator is simply amazing!

Another fascinating aspect is the artist‘s approach to creativity. Tammy Mike Laufer delivers multiple tales simultaneously. While creating her vibrant, vivid fantasies, she challenges her own talent

and creative capacities. Blending subconscious drives with conscious perceptions she knows how to utilize emotions and move her spectators profoundly. Tammy is a master of channeling pain and suffering, forging them into creative energizers and turning them successfully into animated emblems. Artistic interpretations of pain and suffering are common in all art forms. Franz Kafka, Charles Baudelaire, Van Gogh, Sarah Bernhardt, they all used it as their main creative fuel. However, their dramatic effects were offensive at times, extremely bitter, sarcastic and heavy to digest. Tammy‘s methods, on the other end, are lighter by choice. She simply switches darkness with light. Meaning, no matter how depressed she is at the beginning of her creative path, her final stages ends up with cleansing, uplifting results. Her art transmits a sense of gratitude, respect for life, love, compassion, hope. Though pain could make her art depressing, she chose the opposite - joyous, lavish, vivacious palettes, highly aesthetic and zestful.

Transforming agony, switching it into creative catalysts and prolific assets is a remarkable gift. Frida Kahlo eternalized her pain by changing it into beauty. It worked for her as it works for Tammy. Loss and grief are embedded in her art not to promote self-pity but to celebrate the glory of the human spirit.

Inspired by surrealistic modernists and Kahlo‘s artistic approach to pain, Tammy maps her ordeals as well. Like Kahlo, she survived an accident and is wisely activating her talents to sanctify life and overcome obstacles. Besides being blind in one eye Tammy struggles with a chronic illness. Still, she is able to create wonders. Her art is cheerful, deep, intriguing, a source of inspiration. Tammy Mike Laufer is a descendant of Holocaust survivors and suffered additional pain. Yet, she will never forget the lost loved ones who perished during the darkest era in modern history. Though unable to revive them, she commemorates their essence through art and grants them a collective voice.

Israelis are living in a war zone. Many suffer the loss of loved ones, like the artist who grew up in a bereaved family. By Israeli definition a 'bereaved family‘ refers to relatives of military and terror attack casualties. Tammy lost her uncle at an early age and later on, became his zestful, spirited voice. Through art, she finds multiple creative avenues to express grief and deliver universal desires for peace and renewal. Her art is eloquent, absolutely stunning!

Tammy‘s new book - Twenty Years of Digital Creations - is available online. The artist will sign the book individually at her upcoming NYC solo exhibit - It‘s Not A Game.

Tammy Mike Laufer is the founder of 44 Degrees - the upbeat online Israeli Art Magazine

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